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Tenant Billing

Our revolutionary software changes the way landlords and tenants manage their energy bills.

By acting as the billing agent, Energyinvoicing take the hassle out of billing and payment management.

Our software allows property owners to view relevant data on meter readings with accurate and fair bills then prepared and paid.

For tenants, our innovative technology provides a comprehensive and simple-to-understand overview of energy consumption and costs.

The extensive data that is held in the system is key and contains data related to each individual tenant consumption as well as all the data and cost associated with the supply recharged. All of the information pertinent to a tenant is available to view through an easy to use portal.

This means an end to traditional forms of billing which sees invoices split equally between each tenant, regardless of usage.

The main goal of consumption-based billing is to ensure each user only pays for what they have consumed.  This applies to both domestic and commercial tenants.

As a result, consumers are more aware of the energy they are using, which can result in savings on their energy bills.

Traditional credit billing services

We have close working relationships with the big energy suppliers which, combined with the versatility of our system, gives us the ability to produce customer bills on time for every possible type of recharge.

As part of our billing service we will issue welcome packs and sample bills, giving you step by step guidance and vital contact information.

Readings will be collected over the internet or supplied in Excel format, we can provide this to you on a monthly or quarterly basis, please discuss your preferences with your account manager.

Our team of fully-trained Customer Service Advisors will manage and maintain the leaseholder/tenant CRM database including the change of tenancy and have the ability to provide assistance with setting and reviewing the tariff charging structure. We can also manage engineer call-outs, Mbus and HIU problems at an additional cost.

Client payments

We operate a client payment account, where money received from tenants is held and paid across to the client on a monthly basis. We have a vast range of bespoke reports for clients to support account reconciliation and give full visibility of payments received, allocated and debts status.

Payments can be made online, over the phone, in a bank or post office and by standing order.

Metering and data service

Energy metering is an ideal solution for anyone looking to monitor their energy consumption and save money. It provides accurate information on energy consumption, removing the need for estimations or flat-charge billing.

This form of accurate metering gives customers peace of mind while supporting the reduction of their carbon footprint..

Our solutions include heat meters, electricity meters, gas meters, water meters and pay-as-you-go units.

Debt management

As part of our service we offer a standard debt management service which includes late payment reminders.

We can also provide further comprehensive debt management, legal and CCJ services, at an additional cost. Please ask your account manager for further details.


Our experienced customer service team are always on hand to provide support and answer any queries relating to bills and our services.

Whenever you raise a query, you can follow the progress every step of the way via the online portal – from initial phone call to the issue being resolved.